DomKarin – Punished and Humiliated

Her slave was a really naughty boy, and Karin teaches him a lesson to let him know that at domkarin only this hot russian mistress gets to be naughty. After she tied him up, she got undressed, revealing one sexy red lingerie. As soon as she touched the slaves dick, he got all hard and horny and it did not take Karin long to make him moan and cum in pleasure all over the place. But Karin tortured him for that too, and after she got him hard again she started spanking his dick making him suffer. Check her out at mistress dom karin and see her take her time with this naughty stud for the afternoon today.

This scene is also a very special one as the blonde babe wanted to do something a bit special for you guys as reward for following her for so long. And so, this naughty scene came to be as she punishes and humiliates this lucky stud. We’re not really sure if he felt like it by the end, but the sexy woman sure knows how to put on a good show anyway. Check her out whipping his ass and teasing him with her luscious lingerie today. She also shows off that merciful side at the end too when the guy just begs her to cum. So with that, you get to see the sexy woman use her expert hands to stroke his cock until he cums as well in the end today. We hope you’ll like it and stay tuned for more soon!


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DomKarin – Testing the new slave

DomKarin has a new slave who sais that he is willing to do anything she wants but she is not convinced that he is going to be a good slave so she decides to test him. Watch as this sexy mistress ties his slave and tortures him to find out how much he can take. Check out this scene now and watch as he gets his cock slapped and tortured! If you liked this update and you’re looking for similar videos, check out website. Anyway, this is one of those classy Karin scenes that will leave you wanting for more and with that, let’s not waste time anymore and check things out as we know you want to check it out too!


As this scene starts off, you can see that Karin had already tied up her little man slut before hand. He was very very naughty and since he is still new she also needs to test his stamina and improve it if necessary. The babe shows up straight off with just a corset garter belt and thigh highs and just like always she looks simply incredible. Watch her take her time this afternoon to tease the guy and his cock as much as she wants for the afternoon. You can even see her stroking his cock at the end since he was such a good sport. She does this until she makes the guy blow his load as she wants to show him that she cares about her male sluts all the time!

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Giving stretching pleasure

In this update DomKarin has gathered her best friend to teach his slave a lesson for having an early orgasm. He knew that he won’t get away with it but he couldn’t help himself, Karin is so irresistible even when she is torturing him. Watch as these hotties are forcing him to lick their pussies until his tongue goes numb and Karin is pulling his cock and squeezes his balls as punishment! Enjoy and don’t forget that you can find some similar content inside the blog! Have fun with this new one as you can enjoy seeing a group of three lovely and horny babes taking advantage of this male slut today everyone.

The blonde babe Dom Karin usually likes to have friends over anyway so for the teasing that she would be doing on the guy today, she would also have some company. And one of the other babes you will instantly recognize as Lili, a babe that was featured in Karin’s scenes in the past too. Anyway, watch the babes making the guy sit on all fours and watch as they just start to tease him all over. Karin gets to play with his cock and balls and be sure that by the end she has him blowing load after load too. Lili gets to tease the guy by rubbing her pussy all over his body and last but not least, the other babe gets her eager cunt licked by the guy for the whole scene.


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DomKarin – Tease and denial

Meet DomKarin ‘s new slave, who is going to find out soon that she is a sexy lady you don’t want to mess with. She loves teasing her victims, offering them pleasure and then denying it just when they are about to blow their load. And if they complain, she is punishing them. This foot slave guy asked for more, which was a mistake because now she is squeezing his nipples hard and tortures him until he starts begging for mercy. Well she is a master at teasing studs and seeing them beg for release just turns her on so very much too. Let’s take our time to see the babe in action once more as we know that you are eager too.

For this scene, the lovely and sexy blonde gets to tie the guy up to a wooden frame and have her way with him as much as she wants. Dom Karin is already wearing her simply sizzling hot and sexy lingerie set like usual as she knows that it always turns these guys on on the spot. Well sit back and watch her as she gets to play with his body, caressing and teasing him all over. Like we mentioned, the guy was just begging for release at one point and her being the kind mistress that she is, decided to release his load. Though she shows off one of her other cock pleasing skills, by stroking his cock with her sexy leg until he blows his load!


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A game of tease and punishment

DomKarin is very busy today, her slaves haven’t cleaned out her house in time and now she has to teach both of them a lesson. After they all get naked she starts teasing the poor guys but they are begging for more and this is when she gets pissed off and decides to torture them. Watch as she tortures that poor guy’s cock and balls! If you want to see the sexiest models in stockings teasing you, you can watch some jb video galleries! The queen of teasing and punishing comes back yet again in this one and make sure that you check out the whole gallery to see her glorious self play with her male slaves.


Dom Karin always loves herself a good fuck too, but as you all know, what really turns on this blonde mistress is to tease her men. Since today her pussy was getting an itch that needed to be scratched with the nice and big hard cock, she decided that she would toy around with the guys too. While one of them was taking his long and sweet time to thoroughly fuck her sweet pussy, she would have the other present his cock to her so she can play with it. Check her out teasing and fucking these two guys in turns for the whole afternoon and enjoy the view. We will be bringing you more of her next week too. Bye bye and see you then everyone!

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DomKarin – Teasing in her sexy black lingerie

DomKarin is looking fabulous in her sexy black lingerie. She has an amazing body, and an angelic face. You would think she is an angel but in fact she is a sexy devil who is about to punish that slave for not listening her, face sitting on him. The poor guy has to get on her knees and get ready to be spanked hard by his sexy mistress for this whole scene as he also gets to become her personal furniture. Well you’d think he’d be happy about it, since the mistress allows him the privilege to be her stool. So let’s get to see this scene more in detail as we know that you want to check it out.

Last time you saw that she adores herself lingerie and she tries to get a new and fresh one every time. Today it seems to be time to wear another sexy black one. Of course it has a garter belt and thigh high stockings too. Let’s take our time to see her show off as always, caressing and playing with her body and eventually she takes her spot on top of the guy as she uses him like furniture. Dom Karin continues to pose sexy and sensually for the cameras and you and it’s great to see her show off. We bet that the guy enjoyed the honor her got today and perhaps she’ll grant him the same treatment in another scene in the future too!


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DomKarin – Fucking her slave

DomKarin has a new slave and she has to teach him how to be her slut. After using small vibratos on his cock she makes him lick his precum and then she takes out her strap-on and shoves it in his ass sliding it in and out faster and faster. When she is done fucking his ass she makes him suck the strap-on! If you liked this video update and you are looking for similar content, check out strapattackers website. Enjoy this scene if you want to see the simply luscious and sexy blonde take the leading role once more and you can see her pegging this horny stud for this whole scene that she brings you today.

To start off, the amazing blonde babe makes her entry while wearing some incredible lingerie. It’s all black and it compliments her slender physique quite nicely. She seems to love it a lot as well as she takes quite some time to show it off for you and the cameras too. Well today she was going to put her big strap on dildo to good use of course and this guy’s ass was going to be taking it as deep as he could. Watch her tie him down and bent over and see her starting to fuck his sexy ass with her huge strap on dildo for the whole afternoon. Both of them had quite the good times this afternoon and as usual you get to enjoy it all. See you soon with more all new Karin scenes everyone!


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The naughty nurse

This slave must had done something really bad because DomKarin is giving him an enema. She is the naughty nurse who takes advantage on this patient. She is forcing him to lick her ass and then she ties him down to insert big dildos in his ass. Finally she fists his ass making him scream and then makes him to suck his own dick! Everyone knows that miss Karin is a kinky one and this guy was kind of fresh in her collection. So this scene with him, the babe takes her time to teach him who the boss is when things get down and dirty. Rest assured that by the time she was done with him, he knew who the boss was.


Well the best thing about this scene by far, is that you get to see Dom Karin superb and sexy nurse outfit first. And you know her, she does love to parade a bit and show off. Take the time to enjoy her strip show and see her reveal more and more of her sexy body and lingerie too. It was all red and be sure that it just made her look incredibly hot and sexy too. Well the guy came into the scene when she only had her garter belt and thigh highs on and as soon as he showed up he laid on his back with his legs spread open and eagerly waited to have Karin fist fuck his tight ass. Enjoy seeing the naughty scene with the blonde and se you soon!

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DomKarin – Extreme ball torture

Lili and DomKarin are good friends, and when Karin’s slave begs Lili to help him escape, the two of these hot sluts decides to punish him just like the dirty babes from . They are going to beat up his balls by kicking him hard in the balls and hang weights on them. He starts begging for mercy and they force him to lick their ass and pussies clean! Either way this is a prime scene to see just how kinky Karin can get. And to help her out like we have said, she had the aid of Lili, a babe that looks very cute and sexy. So let’s check them out in action as they get to have some fun with this guy’s balls.

The two babes make their entry first, of course, and there’s also some kinky lady on lady action to see with them kissing and caressing one another’s sweet and sexy bodies. Well the main course comes into play too, so the two hot women tie the guy up nicely so that they have him where they want him. Of course, he was already rock hard from seeing the two women play and the ladies decided to punish his naughty cock, by putting weights on his balls. We hope that you will enjoy the view of these two simply stunning babes playing with their male slave and be sure that there will be more to see tomorrow.


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Erotic torment game

Mistress DomKarin is teasing her slave’s hard cock in this scene. The mean mistress uses her feet to make him hard, then she steps with her high heels on this cock making him suffer. Next she makes him lick her pussy and ass clean and because he is doing a good job she milks his cock and makes him drink his own cum!Wanna see other kinky mistresses in action? Check them out at Chantas Bitches as they torture their slave and how they enjoy having him all for their sick sexual pleasure.

Anyway, coming back to miss Dom Karin and her current scene, we hope that you are ready to see the blonde mistress in some more kinky action. She took off her clothes first, so naturally, you can see her parade that sexy and sizzling hot body for the camera and her male sex slave today. She knows just how good and sexy she looks and be sure that she always loves to put that to good use. After that, you can see the sexy and hot lady as she ties the dude’s hands up and begins to play with his cock. She is going to be milking his cock like we mentioned and she wants every last drop of his jizz. Check her out stroking his hard sfat today and see him blow his load like a good man slut in her cup for the afternoon. Enjoy it!


 See as sexy Karin milks him and makes him drink his cum!