DomKarin – Double pleasure

In this scene DomKarin is fucking one of her slaves making the other watch them. As she rides that hard cock she allows to the other slave to lick her clit and suck her nipples. Next the horny mistress takes both cocks in her pussy until the both of them cum on her body, and makes them lick their mixed cum! Either way it’s a great scene if you want to see the lusty blonde mistress having fun with two guys at once and we know that it makes quite the show too. So let’s not waste time and get the cameras rolling and see them in action shall we?


It all starts out with the babe getting horny as always and this time she requires the aid of two guys. They would do nicely to have fun with her for the afternoon and there’s quite a lot to see in this scene. Check them out getting to eat out her pussy first to get her all nice and wet and then see the beauty taking her spot on top of that hard cock. As she’s riding it nice and hard, you can see the other guy continue to lick her sweet pussy, making the blonde mistress moan in pleasure. We’ll be back next week with another all new and fresh update with this amazing blonde. Be sure to drop by and check it out.

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Mistress Tucson Glove Treatment

DomKarin brought you another hot scene for you. This time we have our sexy mistress Tucson here to play around with her friends. Although she isn’t so young, I can assure you she knows way more things a chick would know. Anyways she was in the mood for some fun, so she called one of her friends, that she knew would appreciate her invitation and made sure he would came alone. She was pretty picky when it was related to her sex life. So once her arrived she went into her pleasure room. After all these years she made a room in her house filled with all kind of kinky sex toys to use on her male partners.

At first you would think they don’t like it or stuff like that. Well actually they really enjoy mistress Tucson’s special treatment as did this lucky guy. He was wearing his leather mask and let the blonde mistress play with his hard dick that was trap in a cock cage. During all the scene she was wearing of course her black leather gloves. If you like gloved girls stay tuned for more! Well this is it for today, so until next time make sure you check out the entire scene!


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Mature Dominatrix

Well, here we are yet again and as always, with more of DomKarin to show off. This horny and wild mature woman knows how to put on a show and today she has more special stuff to expose. It’s a special scene that’s also made to thank you for following her work for so long too. Anyway, this fine day guys and gals, you get to see the babe give some pleasure back while she gets herself pleased too. It’s one of those scenes where she felt really generous and the guy got something good as a treat for the amazing job that he did today too. Let’s get the cameras rolling and see the action without delay.

Dom Karin starts off the whole thing by tying the dude up to the table. Then she undresses herself and takes her pot with her pussy right on top of his face. Take the time to see him starting to orally please this amazing babe and while she was getting more and more into it, she also starts to stroke his cock. Take your time to see the babe ordering him not to cum until she does so and you will get to see her moaning while getting some nice oral. And when she does come so does the dude as well as she finally allows it. Great scene and be sure that more like it will follow in the future as well. Have fun with it and see you next week!


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Back to femdom

Welcome as always to more hot galleries featuring the hottest petite mistress in the whole world DomKarin. Today’s scene features the babe showing off more of her sexy clothes, plus more of her playing with her stud of a guy too. As you know by now, she just adores dominating guys and teasing them and since she’s so great at it, this scene features just more of that. You know that this is the best place to visit if you want to see someone as her have some fun and act kinky and we think that this scene is the perfect representation of that too. Waste no time and let’s get to see Dom Karin in some wild and naughty action again!

The lusty blonde had a brand new pair of high heel leather boots to show off and these ones are all bright red. Of course, it just made her look even more stunning and the guy seems to think that way to as he got rock hard for his mistress as soon as he saw her. Watch him kneeling back with his hands tied behind his back as the babe takes her sweet time to tease him as much as she wants with her nude and hot body today. And to some degree you too. Anyway, do take your time to check her out, and check out the past scenes she has too, you’ll be able to find even more of this naughty babe getting down and dirty there too!


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Infernal teasing

I hope that you are ready to see your favorite mistress latest experience! Today she is in the mood for something really kinky so she will ask her slave to come and please her like she wants too. And for that, he needs a mask and a cock belt! She is going to stroke his tool with that belt and make it go hard in just a few moments. She is also going to jerk off that cock and she will slide her hands up and down, making it go bigger and harder! Have a look at these two and see how she is managing to make that cock go harder and bigger, just perfect to use it for her own good.

He loves being taken care of, by Dom Karin, and he knew that who is on her hands, will always get the maximum pleasure! Have a wonderful time watching this impressive video and get ready to see what else is she planning to do with him, now that she warmed up. See also the latest infernal restraints video update, to see many other incredible scenes! Have a wonderful time watching this slutty mistress and her horny slave, pleasuring each other in such a kinky manner!


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DomKarin Mistress in Action

Another fresh week and time to check out the brand new and hot DomKarin scene that we have for you today. Rest assured that we know how much you enjoy watching this slutty little woman in action and this fine and new update has her playing with another stud packing a nice and big cock. She just adores to dominate her guys as nothing turns her on more in turn that seeing them follow her every word and command when she gets kinky. For this update, the blonde had more naughty play in mind and so, Dom Karin tied up this guy to the bed as she wanted to get to do whatever she wanted to his body for the afternoon without stopping.


After tying up the guy, the babe took off her coat to reveal the outfit for this session’s play session and this time it was a superb and sexy see through leotard style of lingerie with lots of see through too. So naturally, those perky tits and eager pussy, plus round sexy ass, were all put on display and this alone made the guy rock hard for the babe. Watch her grabbing his cock and see her stroking it fast and hard as she plays with his balls too. She keeps up the hand job until the blonde babe gets what she wants, and that is to make him shoot his load with force. So have fun seeing her jerking him off and do come back soon for new scenes!

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Milking with stiletto boots

A new week is here, and DomKarin has some more new stuff to show off to all of you without delay. Your favorite blonde knows exactly how much you enjoy seeing her do whatever she pleases on camera and this afternoon she gets around to dominate another one of her male fuck toys every way she wants to. She had her sexy high heels on for this one as she intends to use those and those alone to milk his cock of all the jizz that he has today. Just from the sound of that, you know that this scene is going to be good so as usual, let’s not beat around the bush anymore and just get it started as we bet you;re eager to watch this Dom Karin scene too.

Well, apart from her stiletto high heels, the shoes are actually thigh high and made of leather and be sure that they made this lovely lady look even hotter. Apart from that she had this chest piece made out of chains and leather too and rest assured that it was very revealing too. So pretty much her whole sexy body and all those luscious curves were visible from the start. See the babe beggining her thing and see her using her boots to stroke the dude’s cock for this one. She keeps at it until she makes him jizz all over her shoes and of course she also makes him clean up too after he was done!


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Mistress with a strapon

Today DomKarin comes once more on your screens with new scenes and she has even more goodies to show off today. You will recall that in a past scene, the sexy and hot blonde mistress showed off how she likes to play with her sex toys when she has some free time and she gets really horny and how she likes to please herself. Well, for this one she has another strap on to show off to you all and this time she’s going to be putting it to use on her male helper for the afternoon. This one is all big and black and she is going to be using it to tease this guy as much as she wants for the whole afternoon, so let’s get down to business.


You know that Dom Karin is quite the kinky woman and the scene that you get to see today with her will surely leave you wanting even more after it. Well anyway, let’s get started as the little lady starts off by taking the guy’s pants off and begins to play with his balls and cock. Her aim is to get this guy nice and hard first and foremost, which she does very very easy. Then as she starts to prod his ass with her big strap on dildo, she also starts to properly stroke his cock. You can see the babe stroking the guy’s cock fast and hard as she also teases him with her toy and makes him shoot a huge load of jizz in the end of this superb scene!

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DomKarin playing with her slave

Hey there once more everyone and welcome to a brand new and fresh DomKarin update. Your favorite sexy and sizzling hot blonde mistress is back to basics for this one as she just wanted to enjoy taking her time to play with one of her male sex slaves for the afternoon. Oh, but today she was not just going to do teasing for her own amusement. This time she was really horny and in the mood to have that wet pussy of hers pleased, so her male helper for today is going to be having his hands full with pleasing this babe however she wants. Let’s get to it and see the action go down without delay.

The scene takes place in her master bedroom and it starts off with her calling in her male sex slave. As soon as he comes in and bows before his master, the babe can be seen wearing a nice and big fur coat. As she has him kneel for her, she opens up the coat and reveals that she was wearing nothing underneath except her thigh high stockings and her high heels. Watch her spread those long and sexy legs for the dude and offer it up for him to start eating. Watch the luscious and sexy blonde moan in pleasure as her pussy gets licked and see her giving the guy more orders as she’s getting pleased as well. We’ll be seeing you next week with all new and hot scenes with her.


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Red Strapon

Hey there guys, DomKarin comes back to you with new scenes today. The blonde has something a bit special for this one to show off and it’s quite superb. The mistress decided to do a bit of solo play for this scene and you can get to see one of the rare occasions in which this horny babe gets around to be kinky by herself and please herself in front of the cameras. We know you must be eager to check her out today and rest easy knowing that she knows how to put on a solo show too. Her strap on is waiting for her so let’s just not waste time anymore and just check her out at play with herself this fine afternoon!

dom-karim-red-strapon The babe makes her entry wearing some superb and sexy lingerie and Dom Karin knows that she has your attention. Watch her remove the top to show off her sexy and perky tits with those hard nipples as she was getting pretty excited herself. Then she takes off her cute panties to let you see her pink pussy too as well. Once that’s all out of the way, you get to watch her tease as she puts on her strap on dildo and even does some JOI for you to see. This wouldn’t be complete of course, without her taking the said big red dildo and fucking her sweet pussy with it as well today too. So enjoy the blonde’s scene and see you soon!

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