Dom Karin humbler

Karin loves to try out new things, especially when it comes to her slaves. And in this latest Dom Karin humbler, she sure tries out something new and wild, making sure her slave feels it all. After she got him all hard and horny, she started to walk on him, making him have a look at her sexy hot body, her tight wet pussy, without being able to touch it. This is torture in the purest style. Check her out at under feet and have fun with her as she takes her sweet time to have fun with her male sex slave this nice and lazy evening today just for you. So let’s get her show on the road.

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As another fresh week started this babe got her hands on another un submissive man. And you know that she likes her guys only when they follow her word to the letter. And to make this guy into her lovely pet she had a nice evening of teasing and disciplining ahead of him. Sit back and watch her playing with his cock as she gets to slap his cock every time it gets hard. And it was difficult not to when you have Karin all nude in front of you flaunting her curves to tease you. We bet that you will love her superb scene today and we will be seeing you guys next week as always with some more fresh and sexy galleries!

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