DomKarin – Extreme ball punishment

Lili and Karin are two hot mistresses who love making their slaves really useless and take advantage of them. In this latest domkarin videos , sexy Lili makes up a story that their slaves tried to hit on her. When he denies it, she gets all mad and furious and ties him, but not before she strips him but naked, revealing one large delicious dick and a really hot body. These mean bitches made sure that he was toed up well, hands and legs and then the fun could begin, for a brand new dom karin videos. They took turn torturing him, touching his dick, rubbing his balls, making him all hard and horny, only so that in the end to  kick him hard in the nuts. That must have hurt, but at the same time, made this wild girls horny as well, and more than eager to try that out once again, special for

As you can see and as we said, Lili makes another presence in this fresh and hot video. And we know that you just love seeing the naughty and kinky little short haired blonde as Karin’s protégée. We think that she’s pretty well on her road to become a sexy and hot mistress just like Karin soon. Anyway, enjoy seeing them torture this guy’s cock today and have fun seeing the cuties naked once more. See you soon!

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Dom Karin video – DRESSAGE

Her latest  slave is ready for a new humiliation. This time Karin brings over a new friend , for a Dom Karin video . As soon as they got him all naked, and saw that they had what to work with, the female domination action began. For them. They took turn in a fucking the slave, sucking his hard large dick. At one point, as Karin was really fucking with the slave, making him go deeper and deeper into her nasty cunt, her friend sat on his face, making sure the slave got a full taste of her deep insides, just the way we do it at . Check them out and have your own kinky fun.

Well, this guy was actually her female buddy’s man, and she brought him to her and left him spend the afternoon with her so that he might be disciplined properly. Well Karin did her best job to train him, and by the take the other sexy blonde was back from her little business trip the guy was docile as a bunny. And to prove his new behavior, Karin and her friend take his cock for a nice ride. See the babe riding that nice and big cock, and watch as the sexy and slutty mistress Karin sits on his face with her sweet pussy, making him give her some oral sex today as well. Enjoy it and see you guys soon with some more scenes!

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Portable Toilet

Check out this poor slave and Karin sits on his face and makes him blow her and have a taste of her deep insides cunt. It didn’t take Karin long to find a new slave and do one for She loves to sexually torture them and to make them feel humiliated. Come inside and take a look at another beauties wearing stockings and doing kinky things! See you soon everyone, and meanwhile, sit back and enjoy your favorite dominatrix have some more sexual fun with her male sex slaves for today’s nice and fresh gallery update. Let’s get started without further due.

The kinky little babe thought that she needed this portable toiled to follow her around her house and so she took this stud’s face and turned it into just that. You get to see as the blonde demonstrates proper usage of it as she has the guy follow her to her living room where she makes him deploy the said contraption today. And as this babe takes off all of her clothes she takes a seat peeing all over that guy’s face. It’s a bit inefficient still as it has a habit to spill, but no worries as this guy will take care of the mess afterwards, lest he doesn’t want to be punished once more. Enjoy the update and see you guys soon with more of this babe!


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DomKarin – Serving Karin and Lili

Karin has a brand new slave and where better off to show him off than in a brand new domkarin . She got her sexy  wild friend over and as soon as he got there, the slave was stripped but naked, showing of one large dick that  could do  wonders in one deep twat. They made him kneel and give Karin a deep ass licking, going with tongue deep into her, tickling her and making her all wet and moisture. At the same time Karin’s friend was playing with the slaves’ balls, making him suffers hard. Check out as these nasty girls fucked and bound this male bitch on dom karin’s site today everyone.


Well we’re sure that you will also recognize the short haired babe in this scene as well as she was present in a past scene. As you know, the name of the short haired babe is Lili and she just loves joining Karin in her naughty and kinky scenes. Today they had their hands full with a guy that always does a poor job of pleasing women and the sexy ladies were going to teach him how to do it and be patient too. Watch as Lili ties him up and hand cuffs him, and see Karin bending over offering access to her sweet pussy. See sexy Lili pushing the guy with his face in that wet and sweet pussy that Karin possesses and see the guy giving her some nice oral sex! If you want to see other men getting ass fucked by their mistresses, enter the site!

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Tease and Punishment

Karin punishes her slave because he was caught playing with his large cock without her permission.She really makes him suffer, as she ties him over and makes him have a hard one and then starts kicking it in a pure domkarin style. The captive male will never do that again, because we’re sure that he learned his lesson at the hands of our beautiful and sexy blonde babe. And well you get to see his punishment as well as our lovely and horny blonde gets to slap him and his cock around as much as she fancies in her sexy little scene update today. So let’s get this scene started shall we?

This babes doesn’t like her men playing sexually without her permission or her presence, and if she catches you you will be in for some harsh punishments. She has this idea that it’s not nice to start playing and pleasing yourself without her and she is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that you understand. Watch her tying up this naughty guy, and see her getting his cock nice and hard as she wants to punish him. Sit back and enjoy seeing her whip his nice big cock with her leather whip and see her playing with his balls as well for that extra kinky factor. Enjoy it and see you soon!


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Dom Karin humbler

Karin loves to try out new things, especially when it comes to her slaves. And in this latest Dom Karin humbler, she sure tries out something new and wild, making sure her slave feels it all. After she got him all hard and horny, she started to walk on him, making him have a look at her sexy hot body, her tight wet pussy, without being able to touch it. This is torture in the purest style. Check her out at under feet and have fun with her as she takes her sweet time to have fun with her male sex slave this nice and lazy evening today just for you. So let’s get her show on the road.

 dom karin humbler dom karin using her feet to make her man cum

As another fresh week started this babe got her hands on another un submissive man. And you know that she likes her guys only when they follow her word to the letter. And to make this guy into her lovely pet she had a nice evening of teasing and disciplining ahead of him. Sit back and watch her playing with his cock as she gets to slap his cock every time it gets hard. And it was difficult not to when you have Karin all nude in front of you flaunting her curves to tease you. We bet that you will love her superb scene today and we will be seeing you guys next week as always with some more fresh and sexy galleries!

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DomKarin erotic torment

In this latets domkarin erotic torment , Karin gets wilder than usual, and sets out new standards when it comes to torturing your slaves. This poor slave, had to endure getting his large dick all hard and horny, but not being able to  fuck. Instead Karin tied it and started to pull it up and down, making the slave moan and suffer with both pleasure and pain. And it was all captured on dom karin pics . But this was not enough for sadistic Karin. She really wanted to make him suffer, so she pins him down using her hills. On his cock and balls. This pure slave is so completely out, but at the same time so  horny  and filled with sexual  desire, just the way we like at .

Karin continued to  torture him all night long, doing all kind of kinky wild stuff to him, all implying getting him hard and horny, but letting him gibe her the fuck she deserves. Cum inside jb video and watch more beautiful models posing for the camera in sexy stockings, shiny pantyhose and high heels. Well what else can be said. You will be able to enjoy one superb scene with our sexy and lovely blonde as she plays with that nice and big cock and she takes her sweet time with it as well. See her stroking it with her masterful hands, and then see her using her feet to jerk him off, until the dude blows his huge load all over her sexy and shiny black high heels today. Enjoy watching this hot Mistress in action!

domkarin erotic torment from kinky karin

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Mistress Karin von Kroft

Check out Karinas she tortures her slaves in a new way – hey little dick way. She tied them up, and then steps asides and gives them the most erotic and sexy strip-tease they ever saw. But of course they  can not touch her at domkarin . They can only sit and watch as she touches her sexy body, feeling herself. It’s just that she gets really turned on by the idea of dominating guys, and she was even more horny with this superb scene today as she was going to discipline this horny and naughty stud for the afternoon for your viewing pleasure. But let’s watch the scene and see her in action today shall we?

mistress karin von kroft in a foot domination scene

She did have lots and lots of plans with the stud for the afternoon and it seemed that he would be in for some pain. But this babe decided to switch it up a bit. She let the dude lick her high heels while se was feeling herself all over, playing with her perky tits and making her way down to her sweet and eager pussy. Soon she took her sot on a chair and spread open her long sexy legs as she started to finger fuck that nice and wet pussy of hers as the dude also started to stroke his cock. Watch her masturbating for your viewing pleasure and to tease you with her body and come back next time for more of her!

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Dom Karin videos of pillory

Check out this latest Dom Karin videos of pillory and be happy that you are not that poor slave. Karin got mad at her slave and thought him a lesson that he will never forget. This english milf  tied up her slave and then had his tight firm ass spanked all night long. It was horny for a moment and then it became to be painful as this blonde babe began having fun with that naughty and round ass. And throughout the scenes you get to see the babe use this guy time and again as she brings in lots of her females buddies as well to have fun with the perky and naughty butt.

In the firs little video you get to see the sexy and hot Karin as she ties the guy up to a pillar, and then half naked she uses her whip to punish that butt. In the second one you get to see the blonde with another superb and sexy blonde babe with short hair that helps her punish another sexy and perky ass for the afternoon. And as much as even he would have loved to get his hands on those superb naked bodies, it was viewing permitted only. Anyway in the last one, Karin has to take care of another guy solo as she ties him up once more. Enjoy her scene and see you guys in the future with more scenes of hers!

dom karin videos of pillory and ass whiping dom karin and her mean friend videos of pillory dom karin videos of pillory

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DomKarin electro torture

Karin is getting all wild and nasty in this latest DomKarin electro torture. She got her slave all hard and horny, only to tie him up to two electronic devices and then have the fun of her life watching him suffer and his dick torn apart by electronic shocks. She really enjoyed it, and after that to say sorry, the handjob domination begins, she started rubbing her slave’s dick, making him think he might get some tonight. The only one who gets something at dom karin videos  is mean sexy Karin and her apassion for taking advantage of guys and their bodies every day of the week. So let’s see the blonde at work.

domkarin electro torture

Miss Karin ahs gotten a very very naughty guy on her hands today and she intends to discipline him for the hole afternoon today without pause. The guy got strapped to her little table so that he couldn’t move, and our blonde cutie pulled out her toys to start having fun with his body. Sit back and watch her strapping his cock into a nice little electro device today and as you can see she was super happy and eager to get to stimulating that dock with some electrical current. We hope that you will enjoy seeing this babe play with that cock for the whole afternoon and we’ll see you soon with more! Until then, join the site and see some hot sluts getting fucked!

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