DomKarin – Extreme ball torture

Lili and DomKarin are good friends, and when Karin’s slave begs Lili to help him escape, the two of these hot sluts decides to punish him just like the dirty babes from . They are going to beat up his balls by kicking him hard in the balls and hang weights on them. He starts begging for mercy and they force him to lick their ass and pussies clean! Either way this is a prime scene to see just how kinky Karin can get. And to help her out like we have said, she had the aid of Lili, a babe that looks very cute and sexy. So let’s check them out in action as they get to have some fun with this guy’s balls.

The two babes make their entry first, of course, and there’s also some kinky lady on lady action to see with them kissing and caressing one another’s sweet and sexy bodies. Well the main course comes into play too, so the two hot women tie the guy up nicely so that they have him where they want him. Of course, he was already rock hard from seeing the two women play and the ladies decided to punish his naughty cock, by putting weights on his balls. We hope that you will enjoy the view of these two simply stunning babes playing with their male slave and be sure that there will be more to see tomorrow.


 Watch as Karin hangs weights on that guy’s balls!